Ready or not, here Countdown comes! You may think you know hide & seek, but you’ve never played like this before. Countdown is a tiny-handheld toy that can be hidden anywhere for a modern spin on the classic playground game.

To play, choose one player to hide it and set a timer. Then other players have to find it. Use the sounds and lights as clues to help zero in on its location.

Once found, the game’s not over yet! You’ll be tasked with a series of puzzles you must solve before the clock reaches zero. These puzzles are retro-gaming inspired favorites: whack a mole, trigger finger, color wheel and more!

The fun doesn’t end with hide & seek though. Countdown means ‘Game On!’ with other family game night staples. Looking for cooperative play? Try Table Co-Op to see if you’re team can beat the puzzles before the clock runs out. Long road-trip? Try hot potato to see who’s the last man standing. Looking for a challenge? Play single player to beat your fastest time.

From under 5 to 80+, Countdown gets kids and families actively gaming and spending time together – around the table and around the backyard.