Creative Creature Catcher


Creative Creature Catcher is a new, innovative Augmented Reality children’s book created from the ground up to use the latest technologies to engage kids with a multi-sensory book reading experience. The plot encourages life lessons like compassion, cooperation and conservation by finding lost baby creatures hiding all around us.

Kids can read themselves, or follow along the fully narrated story and its bright, playful illustrations with interactive AR characters leaping off every page with the free iOS/Android app. Then they can open the in-app Creature Encyclopedia to learn about the unique animals with all the content that wouldn’t fit in the book.

The hide-and-seek game engages spatial exploration by hiding creatures in their room with markerless AR. Children learn about real world animals by comparing their features to characters from the book in the Taxonomy STEM section.

Best of all, regular updates and content keeps the learning going even after publication!


Sample pages to print and try the AR (app available on website):