Our great dream was to create new opportunities for the younger generation to develop, which is why we have built a ROBOT which maps the natural learning processes previously reserved only for human to human relationships.

EMYS ™ is the first electronic native speaker child who helps our children to develop effectively in an engaging way. It is also the only social robot which is of great value to parents and is very much loved by their children.

Why? Because EMYS ™ can laugh, become angry or bored and joke around. You can stroke him, scratch him and tickle him. Most importantly, children will learn English through their contact with EMYS, who speaks to them with a perfect English accent in a sweet child’s voice. According to the most up-to-date English language teaching methodology, immersion in natural, everyday conversation with peers guarantees effective learning.

This is the first educational robot whose aim is to immerse the child in language spoken with a perfect accent, and to teach the child using all of their senses.

By encouraging natural interaction, EMYS combines education and entertainment, using your child’s time effectively.

EMYS™ Your lovable native speaker child robot