Hot Wheels id


Hot Wheels id is the biggest evolution in the brand’s 51 year history. For over 50 years, kids have bragged about how fast their cars have gone, how many laps they’ve done or how long they’ve driven. Until now, there hasn’t been any way to prove it. With Hot Wheels id, each vehicle has its own unique identity and can track, measure and store top speed, loops complete, distance traveled and much, much more.

Hot Wheels id took 3 years to develop. Based on the insight that kids prefer digital play over physical play as young as 4Y, we conducted ethnographic research with IDEO to study how today’s digital natives play; we reviewed over 4,000 user comments on e-commerce sites to see what our consumer wanted next, we did hours of consumer play observation both in-home and in our two play labs; we partnered with the best-in-class pioneers of the technology industry to develop our hardware and software platforms; we created an advisory council to keep us pushing the bar in data privacy and security, child development, parenting and media, toy trends, professional automotive racing and die-cast collection. There has been no stone left unturned in development of HWid.