To provide a unique alternative to traditional classroom assessments, the Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia Center for Assessment, and FableVision Studios teamed up to create Keenville, an optional game-based assessment for first and second grade students in the state of Georgia. The game-based assessment integrates foundational literacy and math concepts in a fun, story-based experience.

In Keenville, students can design their own Keen avatar, adventure on the Planet Peachy Keen map, and play through different math and literacy games their teachers have assigned. Each time the student answers a question correctly, they earn beans that they can use to buy items for their Keen avatar or Keen’s home. As students play, teachers and parents receive students’ assessment reports through a personalized dashboard.

Keenville is a strong candidate for the KAPi Award because it provides a unique opportunity to:
– Challenge students with fun and engaging games that self-level based on students’ responses.
– Support and empower teachers and parents to differentiate instruction for students, whether they are struggling, on-grade-level, or advanced.
– Build and assess literacy and numeracy skills while breaking away from traditional assessment methods.