Let’s Start Coding Ultimate Kit 2


The Ultimate Kit 2 takes kids 10-14 deep into coding via environmental sensors and a dozen other electronic components that they control with code. Using sound, light, or temperature as ‘inputs’, kids learn how real-world electronics like a thermometer, automatic night light, or the infamous ‘Clapper’ light switch can work through computer programming.

A sequence of over 100 projects takes kids at their own pace through coding fundamentals like loops, variables, functions, and statements. Each of these concepts is explored through fun hands-on circuits, so kids stay engaged as they learn.

Our approach to teaching code mirrors the stories that many adult engineers and inventors tell about their childhood: “I was always taking things apart.” We have applied that to computer programs; every project starts with working code, then kids are given challenges and prompts about how they might change the original into something new.

This unique combination of the immediate gratification of hardware, the sequence of projects that teach typed coding fundamentals, and the unwavering focus on the absolute beginner make the Ultimate Kit 2 a good choice for any child with a budding interest in coding.