LumieLabs is Britannica’s K-12 digital storytelling and video-creation platform that shapes a new future for classroom learning. LumieLabs combines curriculum-relevant, project-based video lessons with millions of royalty-free, rights-cleared, fair-use multimedia clips and thousands of audio clips from best-in-class producers and artists for professional-quality content creation. It is the only video product on the market specifically designed to meet K-12 learning objectives, allowing students to become media-savvy content creators. LumieLabs allows students to create stories, share them, and engage with their peers’ videos in a safe, controlled environment.

Video has become a language of choice for today’s young generation. The average teen watches 68 videos every day, and YouTube has become their #1 social platform. LumieLabs makes it easy for educators to harness students’ passions with media. Educators can meet subject-area learning objectives, assess students’ mastery of content, promote voice and choice, and weave in practical skills that will enable their futures. Video projects are searchable by curriculum, grade band, and subject and are developed by curriculum experts. Its “video project tool” allows educators to assign and manage student video creation in one safe platform.

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