My Robotic Pet – Tumbling Hedgehog


Now’s your chance to have a hedgehog of your own—and learn something about robotics in the process! This adorable robotic pet hedgehog uses a built-in sound sensor to react to clapping. Watch how different patterns of claps instruct your hedgehog to do different tricks—make it tumble, scurry around, spin, and more!

But first, you have to build it! The kit comes with 172 building pieces to assemble your robotic hedgehog, including a sound sensor located on the circuit board in your pet’s head. It’s this sensor that enables your hedgehog to move according to your clap commands. Like a real hedgehog, your robotic pet can run and curl up into a ball. Fortunately, though, the sound sensor enables it to listen to and follow your orders rather than immediately curling up when it feels threatened (like a real hedgehog would do). By building your hedgehog from start to finish and getting a good look at all of its components, you will gain experience in the inner mechanical workings that enable the robot to move the way it does. In addition to a crash course in sound sensors, you’ll also learn about gears, motors, and LEDs (your hedgehog’s eyes light up!).