Peppy Pals Social Skills


To give children the skills they need to reach their fullest potential, and at the same time level the playing field, we must consciously tap into children’s social and emotional intelligence as part of the early childhood development.

Peppy Pals is the first company in the world to gamify social and emotional intelligence without using text or language. Our unique approach includes storytelling, humor and qualitative animations. Together with five gender-neutral animal characters, children get to explore scenarios relatable to real life that sparks topics such as emotions, friendship and resilience. In Peppy Pals colourful world, there is no right or wrong. Instead we encourage children to use their creativity and imagination to figure out how to solve different problems and situations.

The easy-to-use app has proven to reduce conflicts, form stronger relationships and help children talk vividly about emotions. Peppy Pals uses existing technology in a ground-breaking way and combines playtime with meaningful life lessons for the entire family.