Piper and the dots


Piper and the Dots follows a playful preschooler named Piper and three musical Dots as they joyfully find adventure around their home and neighborhood.

Adopting an inventive approach to storytelling, this interactive, musical adventure series is about a spirited kid with a zest for life. Empowered by an active imagination and boundless exuberance, Piper lives life with gusto and models an ability to reframe situations for the better.

The Dots are Piper’s (nearly) inexhaustible playmates. Yellow chimes in as the light and sunny cuatro guitar. The bright sound of the clarinet gives voice to Red. And with a deep, bellowing sound, the tuba makes Blue an anchor in the musical adventure.

Episodes are based on situations and environments preschoolers are familiar with so get ready to splash in the bath, skip through a sprinkler and sing with a songbird as you tag along on an interactive, musical playdate with Piper!