Puku: Learn New Words


Other pets just eat your homework. This one helps you ace it! Puku was created to help kids 8-12 enjoy learning vocabulary, with plenty of leveled and interest-based vocab lists plus the ability for users to create their own lists, quickly and easily, to align with weekly classwork and test prep — all populated with trusted, age-appropriate definitions from Merriam-Webster. Puku provides a personalized, research-based learning experience guided by adaptive learning technology. The app matches the users’ performance, ensuring that learning is efficient and motivating: kids spend their time on new and challenging vocabulary and get immediate corrective feedback when a word’s meaning eludes them. As important, the app is fun to play! We carefully designed Puku to fulfill the needs for competence, relatedness, and autonomy as defined by self-determination theory, in order to generate long-term engagement in a positive and productive way. Players are motivated to achieve new levels and see their creature evolve, and develop a sense of attachment and anticipation that leads to more play and more learning. All of which helps kids better understand and use language, so they can better understand and communicate with the world around them.