Shifu Plugo


Shifu Plugo: interactive AR gaming system

-Plugo makes S.T.E.A.M. hands-on and super fun – comes with 1 gamepad, 6 interchangeable gaming kits, 1 companion app (3 more kits coming soon)
-Designed for 4-10 year olds. Educational games with story-based challenges and puzzles
-For each kit, Plugo app has 5 games with 250+ levels that adapt according to the child’s age and grade
-Plugo app recognizes every piece placed on the Gamepad (using front camera of device) and gives instant feedback

Plugo Link: Building Blocks Kit

Design structures with magnetic building blocks to solve problems

– Build & balance the magnetic links to solve STEAM puzzles
– 5 Games, 250+ levels with increasing difficulty
– Develops engineering skills, critical thinking & creativity

Plugo Count: Hands-on Math Kit

Unravel mysteries with numbers and arithmetic

– Solve math challenges through stories
– 5 Games, 250+ levels in the app
– Hands-on Math learning
– Customize number ranges, formats and more according to child’s grade

Plugo Tunes: Music Learning Kit

Learn to play the piano and build musical intelligence

-Master the basic 8 notes
-Learn to play more than 50 songs
-Compose your own music
-Easily transition to a keyboard