The Mysterious Disapperance of Unicorn Blue


The Mysterious Disappearance of Unicorn Blue is a fast moving augmented reality game that supports STEM learning through mobile outdoor play. This immersive fantasy deserves a KAPi award for it’s uniqueness as the only children’s game that integrates the best of the physical, digital and biological worlds that will impact all future disciplines, economies and industries as explained in the The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab, Chair World Economic Forum. By playing the game children learn to behave and think like a champion i.e., collaborate, problem solve, accelerate STEM learning, connect to nature and spontaneously exercise with joyful self expression.

Game box features:
*Illustrated instructions
*Illustrated map
*Majestic charms for 6 players
*Majestic pouches for 6 players
*Certificates for 6 players
*Link to exclusive STEM videos
*Link to Enchanted Forest (iOS or Android)

Discover in our Enchanted Forest link:
*How to fly like a champion in our unique 3d enchanted forest on a quest to save a lost unicorn.
*Play with friends to solve riddles and find clues to get golden rewards from the forest sprites
*Commemorate your victories in our augmented reality fairy dust photo booth.
*See the unicorn inside you in our augmented reality unicorn selfie booth