tori Explorer Pack


With the tori Explorer pack, we’re offering families a whole new way to play where the magic of digital entertainment is combined with the fun of creative activities.

Our Mirror Play technology allows for the importing of toys in real life and playing with them where your every move is mirrored into the game. In addition, kids can unleash their creativity to personalize the experience and customize the world they explore by scanning their creations and seeing their own created world come to life.

This mix of off-screen activities and digital ones were developed in collaboration with experts in kids’ development, creating experiences that are good for them and leverage the richness of both worlds.

Parents can get involved in the games with their child progresses and consider the skills they are practicing by playing with tori. We developed all our games in collaboration with experts in children’s learning and development.

With tori children practice skills involving executive functions, social skills, space and numbers, creativity, problem solving and motor coordination skills. This is really close to what others call the “21st century skills”.
Parents will discover a balanced between on and off screen activities but also between fun and learning.