Ultimate D-O


In partnership with our Disney and Lucasfim partners, Ultimate D-O is the first app controlled self-balancing omni wheel droid, Hasbro has ever brought to market. An opportunity allowing all parties to broaden their offering to our fans and consumers, entering a new category of product. Thanks to a vast cross functional global team of designers, mechanical, animatronic, electrical engineers, digital producers and technologists, across multiple countries and regions . this character was crafted with one intent. To bring as much of his big screen personality into your very home. Designed to work on hard surfaces, connecting to the droid via the free app, available on iOS and Android, users can drive in free play mode. Various digital gameplay features allow you to interact and engage with him, triggering a wide variety of emotions in the process. D-O comes with his very own ball, an IR beacon which encourages user interaction with the droid, enabling features such as follow me and go-seek. This amplifies the emotional connection you the user build with this lovable addition to the Star Wars saga. The packaging integrates a desktop stand which triggers certain in-dock modes as well as keep everything in one place.