Weyo & Sesame Street Yourself


Weyo collaborates with the world’s leading brands to create quality digital toys that are playful, active and immersive for a whole lot of giggly fun!

With Sesame Street you can play games and sing along with your favorite Sesame Street friends!

Bring together family with fun-filled interactive experiences you can do together. Includes easy-to-use Augmented Reality play: see yourself in your home as your Sesame Street friends, catching cookies and dressing up.

Operating at the intersection of technology and creativity,
Weyo’s proprietary IP enables entertainment brands to turn existing video content into rich immersive experiences.

Weyo is a flexible platform to create clear brand narratives with exciting interactive story-telling methods. Using an open ‘play your own way’ sandbox allows kids to express themselves.

Immersive interactive experiences where the kid on the screen is an active participant.

Weyo also produces similar “dress-up” experiences that lead kids to create offline. Helping with moving children away from screens when their allotted time is up. https://www.weyo.app/sesame-street-yourself-app-safety/

#1 in 10 countries including the USA on release