XPLORA 4 Kids Smartwatch


XPLORA 4 – The Most Advanced Children’s Smartwatch to date

After establishing our selves as category leader, we are now taking a huge leap forward in the era post smartphones, by introducing our new XPLORA 4. Building on the Qualcomm platform, we can introduce the smallest footprint possible, which is essentially for kids, while still delivering the highest performance in the category. XPLORA is a safe introduction to the mobile world. It is safe and easy to use. We have removed social media, internet access and inappropriate content, and instead focused on what’s important for the child to keep in touch with their loved ones.The XPLORA 4 is compatible with the world first O2O Activity platform (goplay.myxplora.com) rewarding the child´s activity level making it a unique value proposition in a category expecting to reach $30 Billion by 2026.