LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard

by Kaare Christian
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LeapFrog Imagicard is a first of its kind digital and physical learning experience for kids that magically brings characters and learning to life with the snap of a picture from one of 30+ interactive collectible cards included. Full length LeapFrog digital learning games are enhanced by physical interactive cards – featuring top licensed characters mixed with educational content – that extend the play beyond traditional tablet gaming. The best way to experience LeapFrog Imagicard games are on LeapFrog’s most advanced LeapPad tablet yet, the all-new LeapPad Platinum with its seven-inch high-resolution, multi-touch capacitive screen and fast processor. The LeapPad Platinum tablet is the most durable LeapPad tablet and offers kid-safe content to explore and grow.

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2016 KAPi Categories2016 Best Hardware or Peripheral Device, 2016 Best Physical/Digital Experience, 2016 Innovation Award (best use of emerging technology), 2016 Most Creative Experience
2016 PlatformOthers

$129.99 for the tablet; $24.99 for each Imagicard game
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2016 KAPi Entries

Shigeru Miyamoto accepts the Lifetime Pioneer Award
2016 KAPi Categories
BestChildrenApppre-readers Best Children’s App (pre-readers)
BestChildrenAppolder-kid Best Children’s App (older kids)
Innovation-Awardbestuseofemerging-technology Innovation Award (best use of emerging technology)
LearningAwardBestSchoolBasedCurriculum Learning Award: Best School Based Curriculum
BestHardwareorPeripheralDevice Best Hardware or Peripheral Device
BestContentDistributionPlatform Best Content Distribution Platform
BestPhysicaDigitalExperience Best Physical/Digital Experience
PioneerAwardPersonorTeam Pioneer Award to Person or Team Furthering Digital Kids
PioneerAwardPersonorTeam Best “Maker” Spirit Toy or Service
PioneerAwardPersonorTeam Most Creative Experience
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