Scott Traylor


2016SScottTraylorFor the past 22 years Scott Traylor has defined the vision behind the Boston-based digital development and consulting firm known as 360KID. His youth-focused company specializes in product ideation, market testing, and product development as a service to companies interested in engaging kids through a variety of different media platforms for classroom and consumer use. The work at 360KID has won or been nominated for over 50 awards, mostly in the field of education, including contributions towards one EMMY win and multiple EMMY nominations for excellence in learning games. Scott is actively involved in research, writing, and speaking about child engagement through new technologies, social media, mobile devices, and various consumer-based delivery systems. Scott is on the Executive Committee for The Association of American Publishers (AAP) PreK-12 Learning Group as well as a Board of Trustees member of a summer school/summer enrichment program called Exploration School ( for 3rd through 12th graders on the campuses of Yale University, Wellesley College, and Wheaton College. Scott also advises a small number of youth- focused startups in the K12 space. In addition to blogging about the world of kids and technology, Scott is a contributing writer for Children’s Technology Review magazine. – See more at: