Where Are They Now?

Product Company Category Year Description


Sago Mini World Sago Mini Best App (Younger Children) 2018 Started in 2013, the company sprung from a dream team that has combined the creative minds from developers zinc Roe and Toca Boca. Sago Sago apps are geared towards the very young child.In 2017 they were accquired by SpinMaster and they continue to build robust kids apps.
 Messenger Kids  Facebook Best App (Older Children)  2018  Facebook Messenger has come under attack for introducing kids to instant messaging at too young an age. That said, Facebook has been careful to create a safe harbor for kids free of ads or taking of personal information. We’re watching closely as the product matures.
 Smartwatch DX2 VTech  Best Peripheral  2018  Still one of the best introductory wearables for kids, the watch continues to offer gaming, photo taking and more for under $50.
 WOW in the World Tinkercast on NPR Best Content Distribution  2018  Kids are listening again … to podcasts that is. WOW in the World remains rated as one of the best by most parenting sites.
Merge Cube Merge VR  Best AR/VR Application  2018 The Merge Cube continues to show strong sales and releases new content. An early pioneer in VR at the right price.
 Circuit Cubes  Tenka Labs  Best Maker Product  2018  Compatible with Legos and simple,ready-to-build fun right out of the box has made this a product to want.
 Beasts of Balance  Sensible Object  Most Creative  2018  Combines the best of digital augmented reality with a physical balancing board game, Now the game has add on accessories, too.
 Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenge  Lenovo  Innovation Award  2018 The Star Wars lovers chance to be a Jedi in a VR world.
LEGO Boost  LEGO  Best Physical/Digital Merger  2018  Winner of multiple awards, Lego perfected the play pattern: “imagine it, create it and program it”.
 Aura Drone  KD Group  Best Thing that Flies  2018  One of the first drones you could fly by wearing a glove with a built in controller.
 Kudos App  KUDOS  Best App (Younger Children)  2017  A safe social network for kids will never be a big commercial success, but kudos to Kudos.
 Space  TinyBop  Best App (Older Children)  2017  TinyBop continues to grow and expand its offerings of simple, quiet art and learning!
 SAM’s Curious Cars  SAM Labs  Best Maker Product  2017  Now a line of kits for school and home, SAM focuses on STEM and the maker-movement.
 Play-Doh Touch  Hasbro Best Physical/Digital Merger  2017  Hasbro keeps experimenting with AR technology, and Play-Doh Touch is a nice way of mixing tactile and AR.
 Cozmo  Anki  Best Robot  2017  The most charming toy robot on the market, Cozmo has been through several iterations, adding more features, functionality, and personality.
 Pokemon Go Niantic  Best AR Application  2017  After a meteoric rise, Pokemon Go remains quitely popular, and it’s forthcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the most hotly anticipated AR game of all time.
Maze  Seedling  Best VR Application  2017  Think about the game Labrinyth played using Google Cardboard glasses. Seedling took this concept for its Maze game and continues to build out fun accessories.
 Happy Atoms Thames & Kosmos Best Educational Tool  2017  Happy Atoms continues to iterate, creating a new version enabled with sensors.
 Technology Will Save Us  Technology Will Save Us Best Series  2017  The “one-project”, inexpensive maker kits with a homemade feel recently secured $4.2 million in Series A funding.
 The Foos Coding 5+  codeSpark Best App (Younger Children)  2016  The Foos remains a popular learn to code app for children ages 4-9, with over 4 million downloads worldwide.
 View-Master  Mattel  Best App (Older Children) 2016  A retro and accessible take on VR for kids, the viewmaster and accompanying content are still available, though companion apps are no long longer in active development.
 Circuit Stickers Chibitronics  Best Maker Product  2016  Chibitronics has released a wide range of products and kits that teach kids to build and code circuits on ordinary paper.
 Moff Band  Moff, Inc  Best Physical/Digital Merger  2016  Moff bands are still available, but the wearable smart toy company is no longer active.
 Dot and Dash  Wonder Workshop Best Hardware 2016  The robot friends continue to be some of the most popular on the market.
 Youtube Kids  Google  Best Content Distribution  2016  Youtube Kids remains a successful and growing platform, despite safety and monitoring concerns that have sprung up recently. The platform is in the process of making something procedural and technological changes. Time will tell whether Youtube can make a reliably safe space for young children.
 Stikbot  Zing  Most Creative  2016  The stop-motion animation figures and companion app are available with more backgrounds and effects, as well as a zoo’s-worth of new Stikbot creatures.
 Edwin the Duck  pi lab  Innovation Award  2016  CEO Matt Macbeth recently spent several months on Apple TV’s Planet of the Apps refining the product into the newly released Edwin for Baby.
 GoNoodle  GoNoodle  Best Educational Tool  2016  The educational video software company continues to thrive and just named a new CEO.
 Osmo  Tangible Play  Innovation Award  2015  Osmo has officially made it—over a million downloads along with partnerships with Sesame Street, Mattel, and Disney to name a few.
 Lumikids  Lumosity  Best App (Younger Children)  2015  The company has continued to grow, in 2017 they won a Webby Award.
 Monument Valley  Ustwo Games  Best App (Older Children)  2015  Monuments Valley 2 was recently released, the new game focuses on deepening the emotional dynamics between characters in the visually stunning puzzle game.
 Creatorbox  Creatorbox  Best Maker Product  2015  Though the STEM kit company folded a few years ago, it was a pioneer in this generation of maker toys.
 Cubelets  Modular Robotics  Best Tech Toy  2015  Cubelets are still around and are especially popular in classrooms and public maker spaces for kids.
 Ozobot  Ozobot  Best Robot  2015  Ozobot is still doing great, and Evo + Bit remain solid buys for your kids.
 LeapTV  LeapFrog  Best Hardware  2015  Vtech and Leapfrog merged companies but keep their brands separate, making them the king of kids software and hardware. The Leap TV however, did not take off as anticipated.
 Disney Fantasia Music Evolved  Harmonix Best Family Entertainment 2015  The product was terrific, but the Kinect is no longer sold.
 Kindle Fire HD  Amazon  2013  The Kindle Fire has been through several iterations and remains a great affordable tablet option for kids and parents.
 Toca Boca  Toca Boca  2013  Sold to SpinMaster, Toca Boca has become a hot licensing brand, working with Target.
 BrainPOP GameUp  BrainPOP  2013  BrainPOP remains a useful tool for home and school and continues to grow.
 Cube 3D Printer  3D Systems  2013  The Cube 3D Printer is still around and a great buy for home use
 Kinect Sesame Street TV Microsoft  2013  The product was terrific, but the Kinect is no longer sold.
 littleBits  littleBits  2013  The trailblazing buildable STEM blocks are still hot, and the company continues to develop new kits and release licensed products, including a recent Star Wars partnership.
 Skylanders Giants  Vivendi/Activision 2013  The Skylanders series now totals six games and is alive and well, though it has passed through several developers and publishers in the past few years.
 Imag-n-o-tron  2013  The brand has been inactive since 2015
 LetterSchool  2013  LetterSchool remains a popular handwriting app. The program is regularly updated and has over two million lifetime downloads.
 DoodleCast  zinc Roe  Best App (Younger Children)  2012  DoodleCast for Kids is now an active property of Sago Mini, and the app received minor updates last year.
 Bobo Explores Light GameCollage LLC  Best App (Older Children) 2012  The app is still available and highly rated but hasn’t been updated since 2013
 Cinderella—Nost Crow Animated Picture Book Nosy Crow Best Children’s Book App 2012  Nosy Crow very recently shuttered its the doors of its app department but the printed books department continues.
 Once Upon a Monster  Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment Best Video Game Software 2012  The product was terrific, but the Kinect is no longer sold.
iPad 2  Apple  Best Hardware  2012  The first tablet on the market, the iPad was another pioneering product for Apple, and new versions are regularly released.
 Disney AppMates  Disney Consumer Products  Innovation Award 2012  This was the start to a new trend… connected play is ubiquitous in kids tech, and they were some of the first.
Noodle Words  Noodleworks  Best Educational Tool  2012  The Noodle Words app is still available and was updated last year
MineCraft  Mojang  Best Virtual World  2012  Minecraft has become one of the most popular video games in the world, now owned by Microsoft.
 Magic Piano  Smule  Best Children’s App  2011  Smule has gone on to continue to successfuly build games and partnerships around connecting people through music.
 SpyNet Watch  Jakks Pacific Best Tech Toy  2011  The SpyNet Watch is no longer being produced.
 Art Academy  Nintendo of America  Best Video Game Software  2011  Five editions of Art Academy were produced for Nintendo devices between 2009 and 2013
 Star Walk  Vito Technology  Best Educational Tool  2011  Star Walk is regularly updated and very highly reviewed by critics and users.
 Dance Central for Kinect Harmonix  Best Music, Movement, or Rhythm Experience  2011  The product was terrific, but the Kinect is no longer sold.
 Gamestar Mechanic  Best Digital Creativity Tool  2011  Gamestar Mechanic a video game design tool, is still an accessible and fun way for for older kids and teens to learn to code.
 Moshi Monsters  Mind Candy  Best Virtual World  2011  The Moshi brand continues on, a new game was released earlier this year
 Kinect  Microsoft  Innovation Award 2011  Though a great product, Kinect’s time has passed, and Microsoft stop manufacturing it in 2017.
 Wheels on the Bus  Duck Duck Moose Design  Best Children’s App 2010  Duck Duck Moose was aquired by Khan Academy in 2016, adding content for younger kids to the platform.
 Tag Reading System  LeapFrog Learning Best Interactive Toy  2010  The Tag was slowly replaced by the LeapReader, a similar early reading helper, beginning in 2013
 Deep Brain Stimulation  Edheads  Best Children’s Website 2010  This virtual learning experience remains available through the EdHeads platform.
 The Beatles Rock Band  Harmonix Best Music, Movement, or Rhythm Experience 2010  The Rock Band spinoff sold well for several years after its release but is no longer being produced.
 World of Goo  2D Boy and Brighter Minds Media Best Computer Software 2010  2D Boy never released the often rumoured sequel game, but World of Goo remains a touchstone of excellence for a generation of game designers.
 Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Level-5, Inc Best Title for the Nintendo DS or DSi 2010  New Professor Layton games are still being produced, always well reviewed and with a focus on logic and problem solving.
 iPod Touch  Apple  Best Hardware or Peripheral 2010  The smartphone has become a fundamental part of modern life, and it all began with Apple
 SCRATCH v. 1.4  MIT Medja Lab  Best Informal Learning Experience 2010  The coding language designed for young learners has allowed an entire generation of kids the chance to master STEM skills through play.
 LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition  Sony  Best Video Game  2010  The LittleBigPlanet series for Playstation comprised a total of five well-reviewed games released from 2008 through 2014.
 Club Penguin  New Horizon Interactive  Best Virtual World  2010  The MMORPG shut down in 2017 and was succeed by Disney-owned Club Penguin Island, an app- and web-based platform that has received mixed reviews